Corona update: January 2021

Below more information about the current corona virus situation is affecting the usage of Allas Sea Pool.

Corona update: January 2021

Dear Allas Sea Pool customer,

The new corona virus regulations are affecting the use of Allas Sea Pool's premises. We’re doing all we can to assure our customers safety during the pandemic.

The validity of our single-entry tickets is limited to 2 hours for the time being. This helps us to have a better overview of the total number of customers in the changing rooms and pools at a given time. We sell a maximum of 30 tickets per half an hour.

We’ve installed air purifiers in our changing rooms. They clean the air of microbes, extracting both bacteria and viruses. When entering the changing room, please chose a locker as far away as possible from other people. We strongly recommend using a face mask while using the changing rooms.

We’d also like to remind you that the changing rooms and showers in our side building are usually a lot less busy than the main changing rooms. The separate shower cabinets assure tranquility while showering. Pack a pair of slippers and a bath robe with you to smoothen the passage to and from the pool. We also have 6 changing cabinets on the sauna terrace and showers alongside the pool, so swimming is possible without using any indoor facilities. Changing cabinets have also been installed in the mixed sauna facilities to ease the changing of clothes in the mixed gender space.

We are restricting the maximum capacity of our saunas which varies according to the size of each sauna. There’s a note on the door stating the maximum capacity. Please considerate of others and free up your place if a line forms. We’re also raising the temperature in the saunas slightly as viruses do not do well in warm environments.

There’s hand sanitiser readily available throughout the premises. Please use it when arriving and whenever needed during your visit. We’ve installed protective shields to our cashiers to add safety for staff and customers alike.

Please visit Allas Sea Pool only if you are completely well. Let’s all carry our responsibility to stop the spread of the virus.

Allas Sea Pool